Pink wine makes me slutty

Single Robby GIF by New Girl

Girls judging girls ,we’re all guilty of doing it. We’re calling each other sluts and bitches way too easily – unless if they’re your friends, then it’s super cute. Girls are so much meaner in their judgments than guys (dudes, you’re off the hook this time). To be honest, men probably don’t care if people say you’re a slut. It just means it’s gonna be an easy game for them and they won’t have to DIY for a change. But the judgments go way further than just slutshaming. Getting things like ‘lowering yourself’ or ‘disrespecting your body’ thrown at you by girls, who have a boyfriend at the time, when you’re just putting yourself out there is way too common .

Why should girls who’ve been in a relationship for as long as they can walk have the right to judge single women’s sexual escapades? It’s them who have a man in their bed every night to satisfy their needs or to send to the shop if they have a sudden craving for ice cream. We have to make some more efforts. Like dragging a lad home from a party with our drunken ass. Or inviting a Tinder date over at our house, knowing there’s not  gonna be much date about it. We have to get our own ice cream.

That means we sometimes have to make booty calls at 1am and sneak in a fuckbuddy when our roomie’s asleep. We might have a pregnancy scare after spending a shady night in a hotel suite that’s way too fancy for our broke and basically homeless self. Because sometimes fifty shades just doesn’t do it for us. So no, it’s not all joy. It’s also about std’s, disappointments and unsatisfied needs. It means that sometimes you’ll get a very wet and unpleasant tongue being stuffed in your mouth during the first few minutes of a first – and obviously last – date. It means never really knowing what will happen and who it will happen with. Which is, if you think that settling down is worse than diarrhea on your Birthday party, kinda exciting.


Yes, we have to get our own ice cream. But guess what. We can choose our own flavour. We don’t have to be happy with a tiny tub supermarket brand vanilla ice cream. We can get a full liter of Ben&Jerry’s caramel fudge. Without anyone judging us – except maybe the dude behind the counter who thinks everyone who doesn’t like Drake is fat and stupid.

So yeah, pink wine makes me slutty. And I’m lovin it.