For the first time in forever

door harohnny



When I was chilling on the couch last night after a long day of work (and an indigestion after another massive chicken parmi), I rewatched for the millionth time some random episodes of Sex and the City. Despite the disturbing trapezes – if you’re afraid of heights you’ll get what I’m saying – and the awkward jew who’s stalking Carrie, something really stuck to me. In this week’s article, Carrie is asking her readers a very important question.

‘When was the last time we did something for the first time?’

Looking at what stage my life is in right now, it doesn’t take long for me to think about an answer. Yesterday, when I made cinnamon rolls for the first time (and they were yum!). Last week was my first time making donuts (and they were even more yum). Same for when I made some beautiful layered lasagna, delicious butter chicken and the most perfect chewy chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted in your whole life. And don’t even get me started on my newest gooey brownies.
This year has also been the first time I travelled to another continent by myself, the first time I had a grasshopper jumping into my face (a not so pleasant experience for me) and the first time I accidentally peed on a frog (a not so pleasant experience for him). I went to a rodeo with my new best friend, got wasted on Moscato, overcame my fear of heights, got on a ferris wheel with a bunch of expired cowboys and left half of my clothes and my dignity on the rodeo grounds . All of that for the first time in forever, thank you.

But still. Even though I feel like every day here in this little country town  is an adventure, I have to keep reminding myself why I’m here. For the money, obviously, but most of all for new experiences, no matter how scary or disgusting they are (like peeing on a frog, wouldn’t recommend it). Because I remember how easy it is to fall back on routines and habits, treating everyday like it’s the same old shitty Monday. No matter how awesome you think your life is, or how many new sweets you learn to bake or acrobatic skills you develop, you can never stop trying new things. So we have to keep asking ourselves that question Carrie was asking all of us already a few decades ago.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

If it takes you longer than two minutes to come up with something, or if your answer is ‘two years ago when I painted my toenails dark red instead of sparkly purple’, then just start running and don’t look back until you have at least five new scars, two new  enemies and ten new friends telling you what a crazy cunt you are.