Promises, Promises

door harohnny

With Christmas lights fading in the background, we start writing down resolutions we know we’re never going to fulfill. I never got to watch all Hitchcock’s movies this past year. I didn’t go running twice a week. I didn’t stop eating chocolate on a daily basis. I’m still drinking much more (mulled) wine than is good for me. Age and glasses of wine should not be counted anyway. I’m still spending too much money on shoes. And I didn’t sell some of my old ones. Sue me.

So as you can tell, this kind of resolutions don’t really work for me. The weird thing is, I don’t mind at all. Because I love watching The Holiday over and over again at Christmas time, crushing over Jude Law (who wouldn’t) and the cute English cottage (fairytales exist). Drinking hot coco spiked with some brandy at Christmas fairs will never stop being my favourite way to spend cold December days. And don’t get me started on the shoes.

My kind of resolutions are more about making promises to myself. Like I promised myself never to change or settle for a life I don’t immediately get super excited about. Sometimes, when surrounded by the comfort of people and places you’re so used to, it’s easy to get swallowed up by other people’s lives. Especially in Winter, when fireplaces, holiday traditions and old friends give you the feeling that this is exactly where you belong. But as much as I don’t want it to, Christmas fades. Decorations are being put down, Advent calendars are finished (I ate all my chocolate in one week anyway but shhh), presents are opened and given a nice place/being returned to the shop because they’re tasteless, Christmas trees start making place for plain old cactuses. You realize this cozy place called home starts losing its spark. You could totally give in to these Winter blues and wallow in self-pity, which gives you even more reason to finish that expensive bottle of brandy. Or, you could see this as a sign to get your life back on track – going to the AA should not be a resolution.

And this is where your New Year’s resolutions come to the rescue. They’re made to keep you from weeping over ripped tinsel and perished mistletoe. They’re just a quick reminder to think about what you want the new year to bring, just like how you asked Santa for Christmas presents. Only, compared to what lovely gifts you found underneath the tree, this present might ask a tiny bit more effort to get to. But it’ll definitely be worth it.