door harohnny

“There was a girl. A very strange, enchanted girl. A little shy and sad of eye, but very wise was she.”

They told her to settle down. To grow up. Not knowing that ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ would always be her favourite song.

She should learn how to prepare a decent breakfast. She chooses to eat some old crackers on her way out. She should go job hunting with her degree. Or put it in her backpack and leave the country. She could find herself a fine hubby if she wanted to. But she is more a Netflix and chill kinda girl. She wants to be a mom one day. Not today. She should start wearing mature blouses. This girl goes wild for Christmas jumpers. She could watch her soap opera every night at prime time. Or she could spend the night getting potted with her mates in the pub. She should buy herself a car. She finds more joy in flirting with strangers on the train. She should read high class literary works. Instead she wallows in the romanticism of predictable chicklits. She should rent a two bedroom apartment. But no, she decided to live in a shared bedroom in a party hostel. She should die old and eat lots of apples. Or just down wine and die young. She should learn how to make some healthy home-cooked meals. She’s ok with cookies and chocolate. She should improve her French. She just started learning Italian. She should start drinking coffee. She’s more into Bailey’s. She should always take her keys with her when she goes out. She rather wakes her roomies in the middle of the night. She should be careful with her intake of alcohol instead of cracking a bottle of red wine every lunchtime. She should watch her cash flow. Which goes only in one direction at the moment. And she’s totally fine with that.
She should miss her old life at home. She doesn’t. Only the people in it.

She shouldn’t get in a car with strangers. She shouldn’t go to the beach with strangers. She shouldn’t move in with strangers. She shouldn’t accept strange looking drinks from strangers in a strange bar. She shouldn’t work for strangers. She shouldn’t be stuck at a lake with strangers. She shouldn’t travel to a strange country with strange people who’re speaking a strange language. She should settle down. But her confused, teenage, dirty mind is not ready for that.