History was made at night – By Harohnny

door harohnny

Dance in the middle of the streets, not only when you’re on a trip. Have a pillow fight. Throw a breakfast club on the carpet. Sing karaoke with a total stranger. Wear blue lipstick. Visit Primark. Don’t get out of bed before 1pm. Play truth or dare (or dare or dare) with a group of people you barely know. Don’t go phubbing. Dance to Irish folk music. Enjoy the rain. Take a selfie. Act like an Erasmus newbie when you’re just a tourist. Pretend it’s your friend’s birthday. Sing along with Glee. Buy golden shoes. Eat pizza leftovers the morning after. Skip first classes of new semester at university. Drink at least 3 different cocktails in one night without vomiting. Pass your exams. Walk like a supermodel, even though you’re not. Steal sunglasses from random people’s apartment. Shave a guy’s legs when he’s asleep. Set the alarm at 6am on your friend’s phone. And put on her facebook she’s a hooker in California or an actress in La Vie d’Adèle. Act yolo once in a while. Walk on a pink street. Take touristic pictures in your own city. Sip one-euro-a-bottle-wine. Reveal the last secrets you were able to hide for your best friends. Pretend your name is ‘Samantha’, cause “Oh what?”. Teach Portugese people how to say “doe keer chillllll”. Have drinks at a terrace in the middle of a downpour. Have cocktails and macarons before an afternoon shopping session. Obrigado.