Baby, it’s cold outside – by Bo V

door harohnny

Sitting in a pub on a friday night, drinking Kir with your best friend, laughing about a non- stop staring guy who secretly gave you his phone number, when your friend had to go to the ladies room, to use ‘if you wanna have som fun ;)’ and afterwards giving it to the other guy that had the unevitable urge to come and sit next to us, not understanding a word of what we were saying (poor French Moroccan) but still enjoying our very charming company and accepting our drivel about Harohnny (we can be very convincing).
It’s like one of my favourite ways to spend the evening, except the staring stuff – sometimes it was really scary, they were like ghosts: everywhere (but the difference with ghosts is that they don’t stare back when you look at them, these rascals kept looking at you like stoned freaks – and not the Dour kind of freaks)- and the fact that the music was a bit too loud. Ok, let us say the music was WAY too loud to hear a word that was saying without asking your uninvited neighbour more than five times to repeat what he meant and then realizing he was talking French English (or Frenglish) – terrible, I can tell.
And maybe the fact that they didn’t had cocktails didn’t do any good too when we’re talking about future prospects. My point is, wherever you go, no place is perfect, but some places are more on their way to become one than others, yaknowhaImean?
There are lots of elements that create a nice place to spend the night – don’t take this too seriously, I know you bastards – but the question is, which one is the most important one? The lights (blue TL- lights or candlelight), the music (Rihanna or Nirvana), tv or not (and what’s on? Music video’s, rugby, American football with the monkeys falling onto each other like a big meatball, tennis or golf?), barkeeper (hot or not), design (wood like an Irish Pub which name I’m not gonna call – I do not want merchandising troubles – or a big metallic dancefloor), type of customers (old knitting world war survivors or a mix of young and old working/studying well tasted people) and not to forget the atmosphere that’s around and that’s so typical to all pubs, cafés and, well yea, every place with a story – or every place that wants to create a story. All of these things could be so perfect to you, you can like them so much, think that place is so awesome, but still… it doesn’t feel right when you’re sitting there all alone watching all those great people, drinking the best white wine in town, enjoying your favourite music, drowning in the warmth of the wood and flirting with the handsome blue- eyed barkeeper who constantly winks at you.
Even though it is cold outside, suddenly the thought of getting off your chair walking outside, ignoring the surprised regard of the barkeeper, does not seem that ridiculous anymore. And do you know why? Not because there is a hot boy glancing at you from outside, not because you need to catch your train, not because you have to make an important phone call to your boss. No, it’s because, as I said before, you’re missing a friend (or two, three,..) to talk to about the future, to discuss with how to make a bloody mary, to laugh with about inside jokes and to take care of you when you’re getting drunk/stoned. So remember that sometimes instead of staying inside, uncomfortable but convinced that you have to adapt yourself to the situation and saying to yourself :’ c’mon, don’t be so silly, you coward’, it could be more fun to go outside in the coldness and the rain, where a friend wants you to join him/her, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels waiting to be opened, to tell each other good old stories till dawn, while you hear the music playing in your mind.