Coldness is a virtue, not a vice – by Aïda G

door harohnny

Do you know the feeling that everything looks like you’re living in a dream? The place you are, seems to be a way more cosy than you’re used to and the people you’re with, look very sweet and – mhm – jummay. Anyway, I never thought the seaside could be that amazing and beautiful as I’m encountering here, right now.

Honest? When you say sea I’m thinking of weird and typical families sitting on the beach in Blankenberge (Belgium). The woman – or mother – of the family is wearing an unflattering swimsuit or bikini and the father with a bottle of beer in the hand watching more beautiful women passing by. The two kids playing with a scoop and a small bucket, building a sand castle. Climax of the day: eating ice cream and sitting all together. Anticlimax: coming back home with sun-glare, cause oh, the mother forgot to put the sun cream in the cool box.

However. At the moment there isn’t any sun at all. In case of the family at the seaside: hurray – no red crabby faces tonight. In ours, well ehm, I don’t know. Seems like this place is nice on every moment, in every season. But when it’s dark and rainy and you’re sitting inside with a cup of hot coffee and the right people next to you, it looks even more lovely and scenic.

Houston, I think we have a problem. What’s the matter when you’re saying you love it when it’s cold just because of the fact you could come closer to that one special person? Although you know it would be lovely to see the sunset too. Is it the dark influence of that one person which makes me feel like I prefer this winter period in the middle of the summer? A question to think about. Cause it’s pretty weird and ziemelich striking when coldness a virtue is and not a vice anymore.